Joining Toptal's Shopify Developers

As a Shopify partner and developer, I’m always on the lookout for the next great opportunity to build my skills and experience with the platform. Shopify has continued to enjoy huge growth in recent years, primarily due to its well‐rounded combination of easy‐to‐use backend, excellent inventory management, bulletproof checkout and good-looking themes.

Here are some of my Shopify “greatest hits”:


Personally, I’ve been privileged to work with the team at MENTA, which provides business support, training and space to grow across Suffolk and Norfolk. Of particular interest was the opportunity to use Shopify’s Javascript Buy SDK to develop a bespoke “product search” experience, allowing users of the site to find and purchase training courses with various locations and timeframes, as well checking user eligibility for training courses prior to accepting their booking request.

Oppo Brothers

Helping youthful Ice Cream brand Opp Brothers to grow internationally has been huge fun. After migrating the website wholly to Shopify, I have worked with them to rebuild their Shopify theme with new branding, reworking their apps to cater for new needs. To address their growing overseas markets, we enabled “WeGlot” - an excellent translation app which dynamically translates the main website onto language-specific subdomains. I then wrote a custom script to hide unnecessary aspects of the sites in order to prevent them from being displayed to the wrong audiences.

Attollo Lingerie

Alice & Fleurette are the dynamic duo behind lingerie brand Attollo, which has been widely-praised both in the Press and by their customers. Having transferred the site to Shopify from Woocommerce, I worked with the founders to create bespoke user experiences such as a streamlined returns portal, bookable fitting sessions (carried out over video), and customised cart attributes.

Coupled with my expertise in developing Node.js applications on Google Cloud, I’m able to create bespoke private apps which interact with Shopify via a secure api key… the sky’s the limit.

Now, I’m looking to move up to the big league, by joining the elite developers over at Toptal. Toptal have become famous for working with the top 3% of development talent, attracting high-end clients and providing a top-tier service.

Subject to successful interviews, I’ll be joining the Toptal team and taking the next leap forwards in my development career.

Wish me luck!